• Rent a Unique Historical Facility Rent a Unique Historical Facility Rent one of the rooms in the hall. Located downtown, the building was built in 1927 and is one of San Antonio's unique historical facilities.
    Call to rent either the Regina Ballroom or the Venice Room for your next event.
    Call 210 223 8284.
  • Heritage Our Heritage We strive to maintain our heritage, culture and traditions established by our Society's founders and challenge our Society's younger generation to assure our good image as a Society and Italian-Americans continues for many years to come.
  • What it Means to be Italian What it Means to be Italian Being Italian is love,
    Being Italian is great,
    Being Italian makes you honor your elders,
    Being Italian is love for mankind,
    Being Italian is to honor every ethnic group.
  • Officers of the Society Officers of the Society President: Sam Guido
    1st Vice President: Romeo Caschera
    2nd Vice President: Pending
    Treasurer: Mike Mangiapane
    Secretary: Brazos Guido
    Sergeant-At-Arms: Michael Idrogo

    Board of Trustees:
    Chairman of the Board: Frank Monaco, Nunzio Previtera, Steve Magaro, Richard Granato, Dan Martinelli & Frank Pantuso

    Pictured: Sam Guido, CCIS President
  • San Antonio Fiesta San Antonio Fiesta We participate in the San Antonio Fiesta.
  • Rent a Unique Historical Facility Rent a Unique Historical Facility The Society offers two rooms to rent for your next affair or party. Accommodates up to 250 guests, depending on the seating arrangement.

    The Regina Ballroom seats up to 250 guests and is beautifully decorated for any event.

    - The Venice Room seats up to 150 guests and is a multipurpose space designed for informal events or those on a budget.
  • Preserving Culture Preserving Our Culture One of the ways we preserve our culture is by teaching our children traditional dances. The Tiny Italian Dancers perform during the Columbus Celebrations in October and other Festivals.
  • Society Pavers Honor your family, friends and colleagues with a commemorative paver placed in our memorial garden to be for generations. Please print out and mail in the form Memorial Garden Pavers
  • Society CCIS 201 Piazza Italia
    San Antonio, Texas 78207
    Phone (210) 223 8284
  • Cultural News and Events Cultural News and Events Get News from the Italian Embassy

Calendar of Events

April 5
CCIS Easter Egg Hunt

May 3
CCIS/CCLA Meeting 4:00pm

Jun 7
CCIS/CCLA Meeting 4:00pm

July 11-12
Genuine Italian Spaghetti Dinner
11-5 pm


To be notified of spaghetti dinners by email about 2 weeks before the event, click here and put your name and email address in the message and SEND. Thanks.